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Nearly one in five Germans has hearing loss requiring treatment. Within the over 65-year-olds even every second one is hearing impaired. Hearing loss is usually gradual and is initially only noticed in certain situations, such as during a conversation in a busy café. Listening is becoming more and more of an effort. Unfortunately, many people still go to the hearing aid acoustician or ENT doctor much too late.

From an audiological point of view, it makes sense to look for solutions as early as the onset of hearing loss. If certain sounds and noises are not heard for a long time, it is necessary to relearn how to assign these sounds correctly during a hearing aid fitting.

A timely supply of modern hearing systems helps. These now very small and powerful devices amplify those frequency and volume ranges that are no longer audible in the case of hearing loss. They also suppress noise and highlight speech.

The Hörzentrum Oldenburg offers a comprehensive range of assistance and services to hearing impaired people who do not yet have hearing aids as well as those who already have hearing aids.

Are you about to decide to buy a hearing aid or are you probably not satisfied with your hearing aids? A neutral and comprehensive consultation without sales orientation gives you an overview of the current state of the art. New hearing aids can be tried out as well as existing ones can be individually adjusted and optimized.

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