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A vision became reality by the House of Hearing:
A European center for hearing research, combining basic research with the development and fitting of hearing aids, a center for the joint action of all for the benefit of the hearing-impaired. The House of Hearing is a hearing research center that combines basic research with the development and fitting of hearing aids. Opened in 2002, the building provides excellent working conditions for currently around 55 scientists from the five institutions housed in this building, unique in Germany: the Hörzentrum Oldenburg GmbH, the Department of Medical Physics of the Carl-von-Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, with part of the academic staff, the Fraunhofer Hearing, Speech and Audio Technology Working Group, the Jade University with the Hearing Technology and Audiology degree course and the HörTech competence center. In addition to the nine acoustic measurement rooms, the Communication Acoustic Simulator (CAS) is one of the center’s highlights. Sophisticated technology, consisting of numerous microphones and loudspeakers and complex electronics, means that nearly any space can be simulated acoustically in the CAS. Being able to hear and understand well is important for one's quality of life. Our most active sensory organ - hearing - is crucial for communication, orientation and safety. However, hearing is often regarded as a second-class sense. It is therefore important for the institutions in the House of Hearing to make their research accessible to the public. With guided tours, lectures and concerts in the Communication Acoustic Simulator and the hearing garden, the center, unique to Germany, offers the general public an intuitive and experience-oriented insight into the complex world of hearing.

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