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Be it office space or bathtub acoustics, be it a cathedral, station concourse or concert hall - the House of Hearing's Communication Acoustic Simulator (CAS) can reproduce the aural impression of virtually any desired space. Unique in the world, the Communication Acoustics Simulator has all the features to make music lovers' and room acoustic specialists' hearts beat faster. The Acoustic Simulator is used for scientific work by the University of Oldenburg, the HörTech competence center, the Hörezntrum Oldenburg and the University of Applied Sciences Oldenburg-Ostfriesland-Wilhelmshaven. The CAS allows the study of room acoustics in varying communication situations. For example, experiments on the "man/machine communication" can be used to test the usability of new hearing aids, speech recognizers and cell phones in widely varying acoustic situations. These unique opportunities have now also provoked widespread interest among manufacturers of audiological products.


At first glance, the CAS presentation space looks like an ordinary conference room. However, its interior allows the variation of acoustic parameters such as reverberation and experienced acoustic room size within wide ranges. Virtual sources can also be feeded in - for example the background noise of a train station, with approaching and departing  trains.
Voices, music and any other type of noise generated within the room are picked up by the numerous microphones in the ceiling and fed into the heart of the CAS, the electro-acoustic control unit. This control unit can be used to selectively alter these acoustic signals or mix in other virtual sources in order to then feed them back into the room through loudspeakers mounted to the walls and ceiling, creating the unique impression of a virtual space.
The CAS is completed by a separate control room with a digital video and audio monitoring system.

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