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HörTech gGmbH

HörTech gGmbH

HörTech gGmbH was founded in 2001 as a competence center for hearing aid system technology by the Hörzentrum Oldenburg and the University of Oldenburg. The objective of this non-profit organization is the support of science and research and the acquisition of new methods and findings in the field of hearing.


Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg

Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, Department of Medical Physics

The interdisciplinary working group explores the functioning of hearing and language, as well as medical signal processing in the human brain. Research priorities are for example psychoacoustics, clinical hearing diagnostics and the physics of language and speech processing.


Fraunhofer IDMT

Project Group Hearing, Speech and Audio Technology

The aim of the Fraunhofer IDMT Project Group Hearing, Speech and Audio Technology, founded in Oldenburg in 2008, is to implement scientific findings in the auditory perception of normal and impaired hearing in new technological applications. The main focus of the applied research is on the prediction and improvement of speech intelligibility in acoustically difficult conditions, the integration of hearing assistance in telephone and consumer electronics and computer-based, acoustic speech recognition and event detection.


Deutschen Gesellschaft für Audiologie e.V.

Branch office of the German Society for Audiology

Members of a number of different scientific disciplines and professional groups are active in audiology, which deals with the investigtion of hearing and hearing disorders and all related phenomena, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of hearing impairment and the rehabilitation of hearing-impaired and deaf patients. The spectrum ranges from medicine (especially ear, nose and throat medicine; phoniatrics and pediatric audiology; and occupational medicine), the natural sciences and humanities (physics, biology, and psychology), engineering sciences, pedagogy for the hearing-impaired up to audiology and medical/technical assistance occupations. Founded in Münster, Westphalia in 1996, the German Society of Audiology (DGA) has set itself the goal of combining these different professional groups into a scientific organization to meet the needs of audiology and to support it in research, development, education and clinical practice in Germany and Europe. The multidisciplinary nature of the Society is also evident in the composition of the board. The DGA is a member of the European Federation of Audiological Societies (EFAS), founded in 1992, and actively participates in European cooperation.


Schall und Raum Consulting GmbH

Merging of software technology, applied research and consultancy for the development and marketing of solutions for problems of room acoustics in office premises. Services from the development to the application of effective acoustic office elements - measurements, plans and protocols.




In order to promote the special spirit of cooperation between the institutions of the House of Hearing, stakeholders and partners of the House have founded the non-profit Friends of the House of Hearing support association.


Hörzentrum Oldenburg

Hörzentrum Oldenburg GmbH

The Hörzentrum Oldenburg is a leading company in the field of hearing research and hearing aid evaluation in Germany. The objective of the center is to improve the options for hearing diagnostics and the rehabilitation of hearing-impaired persons by application-oriented audiological research, specialized diagnosis and treatment of hearing disorders. The Hörzentrum Oldenburg is the initiator, builder and owner of the 'House of Hearing'.


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