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In 1996, our organization was founded by  Prof. Dr. Dr. Kollmeier from the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg and the Protestant Hospital (Evangelisches Krankenhaus) in Oldenburg. Today, it is a model for transferring  technology between university research and the industry. Notable companies such as Siemens, GN ReSound, Phonak, AudioService, Sennheiser and Kind are among our international clients.

In the very beginning, 4 Hörzentrum members rented an office trailer located on the university campus in Oldenburg. On June 12, a total of 220 guests witnessed the official take-off at a ceremony in the university's auditorium. With no more and no less than cooperative support from the Department of Medical Physics at the University of Oldenburg, the Hörzentrum launched 11 projects during its first year. The majority encompassed hearing aid field tests or basic research and development endeavors. We enabled the testing of industry prototypes with persons suffering from substantial hearing loss in controlled and realistic conditions. In this manner, the industry gained valuable information about how well their most modern devices perform. The insight we elicited was exclusively for clients, but occasionally it was published on request. To our fortune, this lead to the emergence of an unofficial seal of quality:  "Tested by Hörzentrum Oldenburg".



EUHA Digital from 10.10.-08.11.2020

EUHA 2020 - digital! And we are there!

Lecture from 10.10.2020 | Live Chat: Fri. 06.11.2020, 14:15 - 14:30 MEZ
With speakers from the most diverse fields of medicine, science and industry, we present our contribution on the topic: "What is hearing effort and how can we measure it in daily routine? 

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