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Audiology as a science of hearing perception is the most important basis for the rehabilitation of hearing impairment. Understanding hearing healthy and hearing impaired perception helps to develop suitable technical and non-technical solutions to compensate for a hearing disorder.

At the Hörzentrum Oldenburg we combine established audiological standard measurement methods with new research methods to meet the requirements of our customers in our projects. We offer a range from highly reproducible measurement methods in the laboratory to methods with high ecological validity in everyday life. Thus, we enable a precise characterization of individual listening perception and investigate its effects on individuals everyday life.

Especially in difficult communication situations, the ability to communicate depends not only on individual hearing ability but also - especially in older people - on individual cognitive factors. Therefore, applied research in audiology also includes the field of applied cognitive research.

Together with its close cooperation partners, the University of Oldenburg and HörTech gGmbH, Oldenburg Hörzentrum has been and is playing a leading role in the development of new audiological and cognitive measurement methods and their evaluation, such as the Göttingen Sentence Test, Oldenburg Sentence Test, Oldenburg Sentence Test for Children, WAKO Rhyme Test, Oldenburg  Rhyme Test for Children, the German Reading span test and the listening effort test ACALES.

Our standard toolbox for audiology and hearing aid evaluation includes, among other things

  • Fitting modules from all available hearing aid manufacturers
  • questionnaires
  • in-situ measurements
  • Coupler measurements
  • loudness scaling
  • ear impression
  • Earmould processing and production
  • Otoscopy, also via binocular video otoscope
  • Standard pure tone audiometry
  • Standard speech intelligibility tests in quiet and in noise
  • TEN test
  • Tympanometry and stapedius reflex threshold measurement

Our special toolbox for audiology and hearing aid evaluation includes, among other things

  • sound samples
    • Mono / stereo performance
    • Multi-speaker design (static or dynamic TASCAR scenes)
    • Tour in real situations
    • Communication Acoustics Simulator
  • Cognitive Procedures
    • Dementia screening test Demtect
    • Reading span test
    • TAP-M
    • vocabulary test
    • Text reception threshold test
  • localization
    • Direct measurements: JND, detection rate, interchanges
    • detection thresholds
  • scales
    • Listening effort scaling
    • Pair comparisons and multiple comparisons such as MUSHRA techniques
  • Speech tests
    • Complex noise environments due to multi-speaker design (static or dynamic TASCAR scenes)
    • Tests via telephone / mobile phone
    • Dynamic test situations due to moving noise and/or speech signals
    • Dynamic test situations through interleaved language tests from different directions
    • Dual task test situations with speech intelligibility as a secondary task
  • Virtual hearing aid
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