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New hearing systems and audio products are developed to optimize the sound impression or to support the hearing impaired in simple and complex communication situations, for example. Your interest as a manufacturer is to prove the effect and performance of your products for the users. We would be happy to help you with a user-centered evaluation project at the Oldenburg Hörzentrum. If you want to test your products in comparison to competitors or your own predecessor solutions, if you want to outsource investigations with users during development or if you want to have your own product requirements independently tested: In our diverse projects we grant you as our client an insight into the progress of the project at any time, otherwise the project contents will be treated strictly confidential.

We offer you:

  • a user-centered assessment of the audiological and technical performance of your products
  • an evaluation design tailored to your specific interests
  • the selection of the user target group according to your objectives from our test person database with over 2000 people
  • audiological and technical competence
  • Measurements with the most modern measuring methods
  • absolute neutrality and confidentiality

If you would like further information on evaluating one of your products, please call us!

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