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For private clients from the hearing aid industry and consumer goods industry, meaningful results are made available for further product modification, for a strategic reformulation of marketing and for tapping new target groups.

By combining profound end customer knowledge of basic audiological data on the one hand and market-related customer behaviour on the other, we occupy a special position as a service provider for market data relating to audiological and acoustic products.

Our analyses within the scope of the industrial contract research of the last years revealed that the market research of audiological and acoustic products is becoming more and more important for the industry. The acoustic quality of a hearing aid or audio device is increasingly less left to chance and requires systematic and strategic planning.

In the area of end customer research, we conduct evaluation studies on advertising effectiveness, pricing and acceptance. We provide our clients with essential market information about their customers so that strategic market action can be implemented. The segmentation of the market is also of particular importance with regard to non-audiological target groups (e.g. readiness for technology, personal characteristics, social class). The combination of market research data with basic audiological data is essential, so that we can give differentiated recommendations for marketing to end customers on the basis of different hearing losses.

Our qualitatively and quantitatively oriented studies include focus groups, video analyses, out-of-the-box tests as well as classic paper pencil and online surveys of larger samples. We have access to a database of test persons aged 18-90 years. This database contains detailed segmentation criteria that can be used for market research studies.

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