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The Hörzentrum carries out research projects on behalf of industry (hearing aid manufacturers, manufacturers of audiological technology) in the following areas:

  • Development of algorithms for future digital hearing aids
    • Noise reduction
    • dynamic compression
    • Algorithms with binaural interaction
  • Development, further development and evaluation of methods for hearing diagnostics
  • Implementation of diagnostic procedures from research in software and hardware solutions
  • Evaluation of new hearing aid developments and prototypes in field tests

After clarification of the specific questions of the client, extensive consultation takes place by the Hörzentrum with the support of the university. In this way, project preparation is carried out in line with the current state of research and the necessary activities of the Hörzentrum are directly concentrated on the problems to be dealt with. In this way, questions can also be dealt with fundamentally in the area of research without the costs and time extension of the projects becoming incalculable.

The course of the project is specifically made transparent for the client, so that it is possible to react immediately to unforeseeable project developments. After completion of the project, the clients receive comprehensive insight into the data and results obtained, which are interpreted by the Hörzentrum and compiled as a report.

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