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At the Hörzentrum Oldenburg we conduct our user-centered studies with the help of our normal and hearing impaired test persons. More than 2000 volunteers from the region help us in our daily work. People with normal hearing of different ages help us to examine in detail the complexity of undisturbed hearing and to draw conclusions for improved audio and hearing systems for hearing healthy and hearing impaired people. Hearing impaired people with and without hearing aids test audio and hearing aids in the laboratory of the Hörzentrum Oldenburg and at home to examine the benefits of the products.

The age range of the test persons is 18 to 90 years with a focus on the 65-80 age range. The mean hearing loss of the test persons (pure tone audiogram thresholds of the better ear averaged over the frequencies 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz. 4kHz) ranges from below 26dB HL (normal hearing) to 115 dB HL (deafness limit) according to WHO criteria. Most of the test persons with hearing aids are fitted with hearing aids, but wearers of bone-anchored hearing aids and cochlear implant wearers are also among the test persons. As part of a project of the cluster of excellence Hearing4all, the database of test persons was considerably expanded.


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